Satisfaction of Confession

Though love could be last forever, somehow i wonder “love is just like life is, never will be immortal. Life ends with dead, love end with?” I’m stuck in between. My head crack thinks all this fact, lost beneath reality. No one will stand the fact, the truth, the ending. But, by hook or by crook, still have to swallow it.

What happen next without ordinary rotten? Bored? Ever though want to make sins again? Hell yeah. Yet, it just temporary satisfaction. In my life, i tried to find happiness and lots of joys. I never had one that continuous. I’ve lots of sadness memory till now added another. God never be beside me. What goes up must come down. Im tired being likes this. Tired being nice to everybody, still they put me in bad way. But when im really into sins attitude, they put me high and above. What wrong with this world. No love for the hater, im the creator hater.

Matter fact, nothing last forever, only one thing last forever (Allah is exceptional) my name will be forever in your heart, your head and your life. You will never ever forget my name till your death. I mean you, all my friends who really closed to me. Even im death already, you will still say my name in future. That last forever.

Someday when im gone, unintentionally you will talk bout me like i love to talk crap, I love to big laugh, im a freaky crazy, I love to make extreme joke, I love to up folk, the most you reminisce bout me is, i love you.


Adill Adzam Salim @ Ripsta @ Addie @ Dex-D @ Daddy

Zazazazazazazaza (signature effect, heheheh)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. troisnyxetienne
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 13:52:24

    Okay, I’m enlisting you.

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