Cancellation Myspace account

Since my website “” is down.. my Myspace email “” not valid to verify my cancellation account. Conclusion? I just let my account remain silence.. I open my comment “auto-approve” so that whoever comment me in future will still be approve without my notice.. my Myspace will be my graveyard of mine.. hahahhaha.. kubur la senang bak kata org melayu.. I wont say that graveyard.. it “memories of Ripsta” that will do..

Thank for those who concern especially my love one..

I would like to thank to “Tom” who made this network so friendly place.. as far as I can remember, since my dad past away.. I cant go out of my house round 3 year.. 3 year without a friend.. so, Myspace is a place where I can find a friends and talk with.. huhuhu.. pathetic aight? Thank Tom.. much appreciate..

Never the last, I love you all coz teman aku slama ni dari 2003 till now.. gud luch in what ever u do okay.. take a very gud care of ur self.. may Allah bless u all.. Assalamualaikum


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