I’m back to where I belong

As predicted, when I really nice to anyone, they put in misery way. They don’t even appreciate what I did make them smiles. Every single second I spend just beautiful memoir. Every heart & love I give. Still, all my effort worthless. So I manage to be back where I belong. It a sins world living. That suite for me I guess. I used to say “I love my ordinary life, don’t change my life if you not going to responsible for it”. Huhuhu, pathetic is it?

Yeah, maybe I made mistake couple times. But doesn’t mean I have someone else in the mean times. I never though of finding someone else, I try to find a way to make it better. I change my attitude, I change my style, I quit smoking, I stop contact with girl. Maybe I’m a stupid, but beneath a stupid guy heart still have a feeling, right?

Is it bad if I got no SPM? Yet, I still can survive till now and for your information, I support my mom and my elder brother for living and I’m proud of it’s because even I keep hearing “Adi anak mak, duk ngan mak lagi!!” I don’t give a shit any of those words. Want to know why? For now, I’m the one who be a family leader instead of my elder brother. I should make it clear for those sentence which mean now “My mom live with me” and I’m so damn proud of that. At last, I be growing “Anak yang berguna & berjasa” young son.

For those who be beside me all these while and being such a best friends of mine,

Raymie (My bestie since my 1st ex, partner in crime)
Bob (My good listener and follower since ages, partner in crime)
Sha (My best adviser, partner in crime)
Enn (My 1st cydish, no one care me like you do)
Fara (My 2nd cydish, concern every single step I do)
Lyn (My 3rd cydish, really a good listener and down with me)
Ieyna (My pet sister, even you don’t show it, I still alert you care of me)
Iemma (My pet sister, the more you blur, the more we keep laughing)

I really really appreciate what you all done to me to put smiles on my face again. Thank so much(s). Even now we split and make our own way, I still wishing that we all be back together as one family like before and joy the life, share the problem, eat together, not sleeping for a couple days (hahahha) and lots lots lots of things we did together remember? Miss that time.. So, that it for now.. Will update this boring blog of “Ripsta Life Journey) soon or sooner..


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