Excitment Day

Sunday 10 August: As usual i woke up at noon. Got nothing to do, playing internet, eating, teasing and movieing (ade ke tak perkataan ni.. lantak la..).. Im calling my old friend that i promise him cornrows about 2 months coz im too busy with works and things.. Actually i try to get rid from him coz he wanted to do cornrows with no coin.. if not because im toooo bored stayed at my crib doing nothing i would never ever call him and converted his hair like this..

Samba: 50% conrows Samba: Weed Style

at the ending of making, there was Dude calling me …

Dude: Abg Ripsta.. what are you doing?
Ripsta: Mastubating with my lappie..
Dude: Let outing?
Ripsta: where to?
Dude: where else.. the place la.. im so sengal coz of yesterday..
Ripsta: paham paham.. fecth me..
Dude: ye saye tau anda bohsia saya..
Ripsta: lai lai.. 20 ringgit je.. nak 5 ringgit, 4 keping ye.. ngeh ngeh ngeh..
Dude arrived finally. We managed to shop at The Curve (my lovely hangout place without any raver / shuffler frog).

Look at those chicks out that.. whooopp

shoping cam org gilak, org gilak pun tak shopping cam kita org.. ahhahaha, plan nak tengok wayang konon.. “im not single” memang tak la kalau tengok ngan bob.. ahhaha.. ko gay siall…. hahahahha.. kat sane jumpe ngan pet sis bob, Miss Ain with her bf(i guest) and her 2 more friends.. after 15 minute empty talk (cakap kosong hahahha) we start my shoping plan.. jeng jeng jeng..

i bought 2 set of formal wear (actually both wear set is buy 1 free 1). it mega sale, who care.. the only matter now is, my t-shirt brand is “Studio” ..waah, im so excited coz it represent my company name “Studios” (bit closed actually) suke suke suke.. i like..

after walk away from that shop with smiles.. our next target is mcD.. bob bengong.. “bang, saye nak tu.. set yang dapat cawan trophy tu” .. i was like “hurm, aku pun nak gak.. mane leh ko sorang makan dapat hadiah..” hahahahha, so we both got olimpic punye glass each.. too bad only got swimming and volley ball.. we agreed to choose volley ball coz swimming is gay.. the best thing is, the dinner set came with 1 burger, 1 onion ring, 1 sundee, 1 soft-drink (takkan chivas lak kan).. pergh, im so bloated. makan sampai migraine.. seriously, my head sakit macam migraine coz bloated sangat.. hahahhaha

it show 10.00pm sharp. takkan nak balik kot.. suddenly bob called ary. luper lak kat panda sorang ni.. ahakz.. he headed to ary crib coz i wanted to lepaking at murni since bob never been there before. we changed car coz after ary passed driving licence, he never drive us a ride. hehhee.. agak selesa gak la die bawak.. biasa la, baru bawak kereta.. cermat la sikit.. ahhahaha.. here we are at murni, im order honey-dew blended and bob follow my favorite. he so shocked when the drink arrive at our table num 36, his drink like a “bottle coke 1.5ml hlf-cut” picture that plus laichi, natade-coco and watermelon inside.. huiks, this is why i love that place.. ehhehehe..

Ary just got back from indonesia. he bring the news from indonesia. the psycho guy who killed n molested the death guy. what the fuck he think of? it not 1 or 2 peep he kill and fuck the death guy. it about 10-20 innocent peeps. the best thing is he got a nickname “ryan si pembantai”.. hahahaha, seriously psycho guy ever from indonesia. i called him “The Psycho Gay”.

it 12 already. hey, we got gift from pappy ary. Bob got t-shirt “Ecko” (damn you) “nape aku tak dapat t-shirt camtu?” then ary bawak kuar my gift, it a army shirt and im shouting like hell. they know i love army so much. “tu pasal ko tak dapat t-shirt” ary menganjing aku.. ahhahahhaa.. thank ary.. nanti kite gi indon sesame erk.. hehehehe
well, that the story of my “Sunday”. Bob, i love you bro.. Ary, i love you also bro.. korang gay, aku still lesbian.. hahahha


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. encik MNB
    Aug 12, 2008 @ 16:11:01

    huhuhu what a day. Hari yang boleh diklasifikasikan yang agak seronok. Siot lu la Geh, sapa nak tengok wayang cerita macam tu dengan kau, mati hidup semula. Uh tu la thanks to Panda bagi kita baju. Seronok la plak baca blog kau ni.

  2. mrs terabozu
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 21:28:27

    huhu…..can i call it as a ‘gay day’..
    haha..cam best je..hang out then shopping mkn MCD..huhu..damn man..best giler…(act biase je..but e way u story tu yg nampak cam bets,haha )btw…u still can be happy rite…stop make a emo headline anymore(=…..gotcha~~
    im happy for u ( wink~ )

  3. Tomatokiddo
    Aug 20, 2008 @ 10:30:22

    ahakzz..beh blog ko nih..tumpang gumbira aku…tapi lu bro tak sayang aku ker…isk2….huhuhuhu

  4. iema
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 19:46:09

    i will call it as a gay day also eddie..
    u ngn bob mmg gay partner..hahahaha
    pegang tangan x???..muah muah x eddie ???

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