Case-studies: Network Analyzers Monitoring

My current job for now is creative designer at OREA Technologies Sdn. Bhd. Practically, I do such a commons design things and sometime being a “jackass” set-up pranks almost every day to my office mate. Luckily, they considered and take it sincerely as “stress therapy”.

Actually, my point of view is not about my routine weekday at office. Unfortunately, when I was enjoy masturbating my brain and reach climax till get this website well-function and colorful….. I heard my name called far from meeting room. What the heck? In my mind “ngeh ngeh, what kind of design they want? I will make them shock with my super fast finishing mode on now”

Mr. Manager: Adi, you and Lukman involve with this project.
Me: What kind of project boss? What my scope of job?
Mr. Manager: You know “C” right? No excuse..
Me: Ekk.. (Deep beneath my heart: Noooooooooo, it been an ages im not touch that language of programming “C”)

Gosh, my heart beat was like there got slamming hip-hop beat aside. There no such things Creative Design do a programming thing. Not relevant at all. Damn, I had to recall and reminisce back all programming language. What playing in my head is – Perl, Mysql, PHP and thousand of script coding!! BUG!! BUG!! My head prompt syntax error, UN-recognize data memories. Waaaa, I totally erased my programming skill.

For this job task and target: I have to create all-in-one program that will analyzers, alert and monitor what happen in entire wired on Machine network. Which is, the client acknowledge all activity on the entire network. Let say if the server is down, so they can detect whether the server is down because someone drunk vodka and incidentally kick the server plug because his mad he vomit before his girl. NO. or the server is down because his girl surfing Youtube and laughing like hell watching “Gelimat” at the server computer and the internet explorer crash after she can’t control her laugh and forgot she actually want to closed that monitor.

So, get back to the topic, the main target is. The client can detect the server is down because of that internet explorer is crashed. Can you detect what is going on that way? I can. The packet, bandwidths, uploads, downloads, history, logs every single thing you do on your computer that plug with my wired network. Even what software you used on what time and which computer and plus many more. The question is, is that all relevant with creative design?


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  1. Tomatokiddo
    Aug 20, 2008 @ 10:22:40

    ahakz.. u damn right…hehheheheh

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