Im on Dilemma

Rise and shine but today like usual morning. While I’m enjoying research bout my new project source and a bits of design things, I heard my name been called with high tone from my manager room. I thought he called me to review my report according my networks and monitoring project. My expectation it totally wrong at all, his face crumpled like my sketch paper in my trash can. I know something is not right. As far as I remember…

Manager: Adi..
Me: Yes boss, anything wrong? Is there something that I slip bout my project?
Manager: mm, I got news from company. They want to bind you for 2 years contract. Since you still fresh here I will ask for your recommendation to make you as permanent staff here and the bind contract but don’t worry because I will state your contract start date from the day you came aboard.
Me: Erk, do I have to? (Struggled to get rid from being bind)
Manager: Well Adi, since you’re involved with programming and network project, you’re obviously involved with our secure products and by the term of binding you here we can’t take any afford to give your freedom living in this entire secure thing of company product.
Me: If that so, do I have any advantage for it?
Manager: Oh yes, your salary will definitely be increase.
Me: Let me think first, I’m not very well today. I will confirm afterward. Thank.

I was leaving my manager room with like away from vanity. Gosh, why they want to bind me here? Do I have others options? Waaaa, I feel like I’m dying. What if they “stick” my current salary for 2 years? What if I got better offer out there? Actually there’s lots of question bugging my head and keep repeating on and on.

The good thing:
1. My prohibition period change to permanent staff.
2. My salary being increase.
3. I get promoted to highest level.

The Bad Thing:
1. 2 years be a slave and they can easily give me tons of works and I can’t argue it.
2. Can’t resign within that period and take others better offer.
3. Have to look at my manager face for 2 years. Erk.

Kucing Terencat

Kucing Terencat

Kucing Terencat

Kucing Terencat

Kucing Terencat

This cat dead or sleeping or his head paralyze for awhile like me?

Picture that your head exploding and your brain paralyze for couple hours and you still have to carry your works while you can’t rely on it anymore. Arg, I’m really on dilemma. Help me please to make decision.
Dah la aku demam ni, dapat lak news yang macam old news paper ni. Kambingan sungguh la. Murka betul aku hari ni, hingus dah la mencurah2 macam waterfall taknak brenti. Tensi betul la hari ni.. argggg… tak dapat nak cakap camne aku pening + marah + blur + lapar kat blog ni. This might closed or similar bout my expression. Jadahhhhh… kimek.. mampus ko.. arggggggg…. marah nii…



11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Knowlee
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 00:15:00

    Ske hati je dia buat kucing tu camtu. Melambak giler letak video game punya cassette. Tido pengsan agaknye kucing tu. Letih puasa. Hahahahaha…comey!

    Sep 10, 2008 @ 11:08:26

    hey babe, hope ur a bit better 2 day.
    firstly, congrats sebab dpt offer gitu. bagus wat dpt naik gaji n naik pangkat. yeyy bos syg dak ni-la. hahaha.
    kesiannyer dia, dilema.. alah, 2 years is nothing. if u get better offer than juz quit. nway, goodluck on the decision, in the end, wht matters is wht u gain frm the benefit doin’ it. cheers ;D

  3. Ripsta
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 12:34:19

    memang la 2 years nothing and i cant quit juz like that coz i bound with the contract nanti.. waaaaaaa.. thank neway, nak taknak kena accept le.. dah nak raya ni.. gaji naik.. weeeeee.. bonus ikut gaji baru.. ngeh ngeh ngeh.. thank neway..

  4. Sha
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 19:04:03

    deyh tambey!
    normally when ppl get a promotion, they will be very happy..
    but u? mcm it’s end of the world..
    tahan je la 2 years. if u quit within that 2 years, what will happen?

  5. Ripsta
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 20:00:38

    u dont understand la sha.. kat sini lain.. 2 years tu sha.. nowadays i got lots of offer la.. tu yang hard to make decision tu.. tapi takpe la.. i thing i ambik je la chance ni.. like bell said.. 2 years kejab je..

    p/s: if i quit within 2 years bound tu.. i kena caj ngan dorang la.. 3 month salary.. gilak.. banyak tu.. baik blanje korang shopping.. heheh

  6. Sha
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 20:23:33

    blanja shopping? blanja makan pon takde.. hahahhaa..
    i pon ckp 2 years is nothing. but if u dislike the company or the environment, why should u stay? since u’ve said u have many offers, go to the ones that u like. don’t stay coz u have to.

  7. Ripsta
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 20:31:26

    environment cantik semua.. but then this contract is for programmer sha.. imma designer.. tak relevant sungguh scope job i.. that y im thinking if i take that offer then after this mesti dorang bagi job kaw2 pasal programming.. neway, gaji programming lagi tinggi than designer.. tak fair la.. nak cakap kat dorang, dorang patut paham.. so hows? the offer that i got tu tak secure sangat bout the company compare with this one.. aiyo.. dilemma sungguh..

  8. Sha
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 22:14:28

    laaa… org bkn ckp environment camtuh je.. maksud i mcm how’s the ppl, the workplace, etc.. i know ur a designer. i think u should think bout doing designs in a big scale. tamo la stakat small mags ke apa.. find the major companies.. stick this job as temp. in the mean time, find a design job yg big scale.

  9. Ripsta
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 23:33:16

    ya, i mean the environment bout peeps n works la.. memang best pun.. tapi tu la, like u said just now.. i suppose to concern straight bout designs thing in a big scale.. u totally rite sha.. thank neway..

  10. pilie
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 09:33:54

    lek la bro…
    ari2 ngadap lan je…
    bukan nye ari2 cium mulut ngn lan 2…
    bru nnt ko jd kuli sepenuh mase dol…
    mmpus ko mindef msti kne push mcm taik…

  11. Ripsta
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 10:17:42

    tu la pasal..
    aku dah terbayang ape tau..
    ko tengok tak citer transformer yang die collect data kat base masa 1st die muncul tu (pakai helikopter tu).. macam tu la situation aku buat network untuk MINDEF ni.. nak create n secure network untuk ministry of defend malaysia.. arrrr…
    takpe.. nanti aku pakse lan buat contract 2 tahun untuk ko lak.. baru kite dua leh cemolot ari2.. ahhaha

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