Happy 25th Years Old

Since I’m packed with un-planning social activity, I have no time to masturbating my blog. Yet out there, they still keep entering my doom of imagination and fantasy at this very blog. Thank because being a loyal stalker of mine. It not a crime ever since I’m open this blog publicly. Enough of intro Ady; okay la.

13th Sept: the story begin, I woke up at 3pm (hey, it Saturday, yet I’m fall asleep at 7am) and Bob called me asking me that I prepare already for break fasting + dinner at PICC, Putrajaya. Gosh, I almost forgot that they set-up break fasting gathering and have to gather up at Ary house at 4pm.

Bob: Dey, still dreaming ka?
Ripsta: Erk, im about to wake up in 5 minute times.
Bob: Weh, it late already. I’m fetching my girl now then I straight go to your place and shoot kajang.
Ripsta: How long it take to get here? You guess?
Bob: In 30-45 minute times. Don’t forget to wearing formal-casual.
Ripsta: Hawkie, thank for the reminder. (Do I have to? Grrrr)

Bob arrive at 4.15pm at my crib with his girl (30-45 minute konon). (dalam hati; “Ady jangan memberontak, kau naik kereta die tu, baikkkkk) snippets in my head. So we went to Kajang first to gather all break fasting participant. We all lepak-ing at White House while waiting for others to come. Macam biasa la, amal mesti last sampai (paham orang baru kawin). So, boer manage to go first at PICC, Putrajaya, while Ary waiting amal at White House (as usual thing you do bro).
We arrived there around 6pm, still early. I’m managed to do few snap time. Woah, the place I tell you, so nice wooo.. slalu ada kat jambatan tu je.. now ada di puncak. Leh view jambatan. Take a look few previews.

Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta

While entering the place and walk around, I found a very nice place to take picture. Take a look another few previews. Hehehe

Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta Happy 25th Years Old - Ripsta

So, we go to the restaurant and take placed. Dah nama buffet, ambik je makanan ikut suke, lagi nak tunjuk macho duduk kat table waiting for the rite moment to take meal. No no no, not my attitude, better grab the best meal before it to late (I mean before kehabisan, ngeh ngeh). Me and my beloved cousin won’t give a chance bout food. We took about 4-5 plates each. So varieties of food, i don’t even miss 1 type of food there (hahahah, orang tamak selalu untung). Too bad tak sempat ambik gambar makanan yang melampau.

Im so freaking bloated will all food inside my stomach plus 7 soyas plus ABC plus 3 syrups. Imagine that my small stomach chamber can fill all those food (for 5 persons eat). I’m a evil food. I think that is for now, I write to much and im sure you won’t read it any paragraph. Ngeee

For those who setting up the diner as if for my birthday celebration (takde la sangat) even though it early a day, I appreciate it so much. I love your all.

Thank to: Bob + Shera (his girlfriend), boboy + angah (both my cousin), Ary, Eddy + Along, Boer + Huda, Mas, Kak Ngah, Suhail + his girlfriend (sorry tak tau nama), Ijad, Amal + Ain (his wife), Wan and Alip.

Thank also to: My brother, Sha (my bestie), Intan (kekasih kegelapku), Suhada (my Cik Sue), Xera, kak long plus unknown number who text me @ call me for wishing me birthday.

Happy 25th Years Old for me.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. iambelle
    Sep 16, 2008 @ 12:56:55

    hmmm AD u ni pose makin kurus lor..

    (amboii, makan ker menketedarah.. tamak tull dak ni)

    wah tht cake looks yummmmmmmmyyy

    psst, naper tak kai bj melayu ;P

  2. Ripsta
    Sep 16, 2008 @ 13:11:53

    since when i gemok.. i mmg kurus la..

    dah i bayar.. makan selagi boleh la.. hahahha..

    tah dorang cakap ada menteri join makan skali.. that why wearing formal-casual.. huhuuuh..

  3. Ahmike.net
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 14:52:13

    ahha, masturbating your blog =)

  4. Stef
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 21:53:09

    hey you!! thanx for dropping by at my blog yg tak berapa tu.. hehe xp

    bet you had a blast during your birthday there!! ;p

    happy belated birthday here since i’ve just checked out on your blog.. (eventhough i’ve wished you in youthsays) =)


    p/s: your blog lagi gempak than mine~ :p

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