Missing Day

Oh my, it been like an ages since my last write about my life narrative and recent activity. Some may assume I’ve been busy lately loaded with tons of design stuff. It like I got no time to rest and given tons of works after my vacation, really day schedule really packed with things to do till now. Therefore, even though I’m off weekend, still got things to do and chased by unwanted guest. Hohoho, I’m not trying to said that I’m very important person or hot stuff, but I don’t know why I can’t run away from get rid them and enjoying my off day, haisk.

Last 2 weeks on Saturday, I planned to play in-line skate with my cousin at skate-park Bangi. I’m had to switch off my phone to avoid contact. Speak the devil I am, hahaha. Guess what; it was really fun when no one bother you to enjoy what you want to do. As far as I remember, it been bout 4-5 years I quit playing in-line skate since my ex-girlfriend asked me too. Reminisce back when that time is where skater hunted by “chicks” and my ex-girlfriend worried that I betray and go with another chicks. That the lamest thing I ever did in my life “resign” from being inline-skate, if not I’ll be pro skater and represent Malaysia by now. Moral of the story is “don’t listen to your girl that is not yet your wife; it will ruin your dream”. No, I’m not blame her at all, it mean to be, if not I’m not going to be who I am as a growing success men by now. Thank to my ex-girlfriend.

Inline-Skate - Ripsta Studios
Inline-Skate - Ripsta Studios
Inline-Skate - Ripsta Studios
Inline-Skate - Ripsta Studios

Hey, I got too much story to tell. Hope all my “blog-stalker” doesn’t get bored reading this. Surprising, someone called me last Saturday regarding my name has won a free stay for 3 days 2 nights at Swiss Garden International Hotel. They wanted me to claim the price and I can book any Swiss Garden International Hotel in Malaysia I want anytime and it valid for 3 months from now. I asked them who put my name in the list and won the price since I never participated any games or quiz or anything related to win such a price things. They don’t even know coz they only manage to give who is on the list to claim the price. I wonder that is they trick to let me stay there and give a good referent to all my contact since I went to lots of Hotel recently in this year. They must get my name and number from any Hotel database. Who care? As long it a free stay, I will claim and plan another vacation soon. How lucky I am.

Yesterday, my good friend of mine Mr. Bob called me asking for outing. As usual he got no idea what to do and where to go, so I asked him for watch movie at Cineleisure (I so loyal here) watching “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (what in the earth movie title long like that?) owh like science fiction movie. I was so stunning bout the movie effect. The story line Is good in the beginning but in the end of story I was so disappointed because it like hanging story, the aliens gone like that and ..… waaaaaa, what was that. I won’t story everything, you go watch it yourself.

Outting - Ripsta Studios
Outting - Ripsta Studios
Outting - Ripsta Studios
Outting - Ripsta Studios

This is the end of my blog post till now. Ya, I’ll post the new “People Manipulation @ Photo Mixing Media” designs of mine next time, its finish already. Got 2 latest photo enhancements to be uploading. Last but not least, thank to Youthsays for the “Bolt” movie screening at KLCC. Yes, I’m attending the movie screening but when I checked my name is not listed I was so down coz as far as I concern I’m the second person who post booked for the ticket. The most I’m disappointed is, there’s one girl who named on the list posted back at Youthsays said “Thank Youthsays for the ticket, I can’t make it coz currently im at Sabah”, what the freak. Im so damn pissed off to who that arranged for ticket listed. Thank to Michelle that spared me a ticket and the horrible things is lots of people now show up that time. Why bothered to ask for free ticket if you can’t come, whoever those not show up but their name is on the list; you’re so greedy. You all should give chance to other members who might be able to attend it. Enough of complaining, it over. While we gathered before the movie start at KLCC food court, there some of Youthsays regular members made they own grouping and I felt like I’m stranger there. Luckily Michelle was there along with her friend and I meet TPK, EK, Autum(another Michelle) and Jordy at last. After the movie, Paulin plan to “Yam Cha” at Wangsa Maju, but I managed to going back home.

Wow, what a last end of my post. Okay okay, I promise I’ll update my blog afterward. Too much masturbating of my blog, thank for reading this boring blog and being a loyal “Stalker-Of-Ripsta”.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. farha
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 07:42:56

    i am a loyal “stalker of ripsta”

  2. Ripsta
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 10:40:16

    waaa, i juz made it up bout the “stalker of ripsta”.. quite shock im hav my loyal “stalker of ripsta” hohoho..

    much(s) love

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