Love Matter

I was wondering why I keep been asking about love and writing about it like I’m the “Dr Love” or something. There was before I was a boy knowing nothing about love. I wonder everybody whisper hope they found a true love. Love is complicated; does love have to show by sex? What sex is about without love? You did sex today, tomorrow you found out they freak. NO! Love is something miracle feeling, you can’t describe it when you’re in love.

What is true love? I’m the expert of love but this is my though. Find someone that match with you. How? What? Where? Here a little list for helping you find the true love:

1. Conversation: someone who like to talk with you and know how to get into your conversation. Well, you will bear to listen and talk with them till old day.
2. Living: they willing to do anything and get surrounded by your life environment.
3. Comfort: they know how to comfort you while you down and make you smile even you refuse to.
4. Care: it not about take you to doctor when you sick or something. It all about notice and realize every single thing in their life. They habits, attitudes, likes, favorites, hate and many more.
5. Concern: alert about the apparent, how they dress and try to catch your eyes every days.
6. Argue: arguing is the best way to get to know each other deeper but in positive way.
7. Family: not afraid to front both party family.
8. The most right person for you is they pray for you.

Yes, I’m not going to list out all of it. That the first level to find your match. What if I found the right person and the circumstance is all check? It not for the short term will, let see if they can’t bear to stand with you without having sex before marriage. Are they care of you or it all matter of sex?

What my point of view is that what is going on nowadays there’s lots of boy and girl having sex before end up with married. Their keep going wasting them time, money, love or maybe virginity for God sake “I’m your forever” and the next day they turn to big asshole, loser or whatever bad things you can think of and regret for the rest of them life. Therefore, they seeking the right person for true love whole over the world but God are so fair; the person who will sacrifice just to see your smiles is living the next door.

Too much question here. I once told to someone I care, she write everything about herself somewhere on internet which is for I concern she tried to attract boy to get to know her well before go to next level. I said “It not going to work dear, if they know you very well before they go to next level; you burn the special thing. It the special experience they dying to dig about you themselves, the perfect person for you won’t get enough of you even more. Let them seek who you are to them and dig beneath your heart time to time. On top of it, you will realize who really into you.”

I’m not saying I’m good with love. If I’m that good, why I’m still single? For some reason I can’t have any relationship. Na, I’m not playing around; I just can’t. Maybe the rights girl is not move in at my next door yet. Hahaha.. Gosh, I’m not gay. I do need love and being care by someone who really love me. I’m very envied seeing couple pass through me but what can I do, my situation won’t let me.

For now, I love to help and motivate who asked my opinion while they lost or confused bout they love. A little phase for you out there who read this. Love is not a trend, true love come with mission. It what you target and aiming; end up with marriage of cause. If it just for “it necessary, I must have couple if not my friend will say I’m nerd or I got no life”. Be responsible, don’t play with someone heart.

Perhaps I can change somebody life or maybe mine. I had enough with girls. My friends told that God will give me the perfect girl for me because God know my ex’s is not suitable with me. They really care about me, love them so much. But remember, God won’t send and Angel to you if you not pray and working for it.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. stef
    Dec 24, 2008 @ 22:54:23

    alamak..pjg2 my comment suddenly prob wif d page loading..

    anyway, what was i saying..hmmm

    owh, ni bila plak jadi Dr Love ni?? hahaha

    so suddenly eh… regarding the sexual relationship before marriage, guess it’s the social trend here…

    ey, sure one day you’ll found that someone special who’s really open up your heart…

    frankly speaking, i nvr really into relationship..
    bt also like you of course, i’m STRAIGHT! LOL

    prob with me and my bckground..
    nevertheless, there’s always a tinge of jealousy when we saw the couples around us as we all do yearn to be loved and cared….who wouldnt right??

    anyway, nice sharing there :)

  2. Ripsta
    Dec 26, 2008 @ 09:13:40

    i donno la..
    someone state me as “Dr. Love”..
    if she reading this..
    she might post the statement here.. :P

    trend? damn, they no longer use the “my pride is my dignity”..
    mm, perhaps there someone special really appear..

    seriusly girl u never into relationship?
    owh, if it bout ur family matter i consider it covered.. hehe

    yessss.. so envied when staring at few pair of couples nowadays.. darn..

    no sweat.. just a tot of mine.. thank for sharing too..

  3. stef
    Dec 27, 2008 @ 00:16:18

    when u said her..u’re referring to ur ex girl is it? :p

    well, nowadays, not everyone prioritize about dignity..they all abt cant say much about it, it’s their choice and freedom..up to the individual..

    eh, dont ask that way lah…sounds kesian jak at me…
    i mean, is it abnormal to not be in a relationship b4?? haha
    im not bother abt it coz to me, it’s hard..

    my life alone is kinda complicated, to care/love someone needs energy.. and before proceeding with it, i think i hv to knw myself more b4 i can care abt someone..

    i dont wanna be selfish and ignorant..which i am now..
    that’s why i keep myself at bay with relationship..

    complicated huh?? things better left unsaid i guess as things could be irony..who knows? hehe :)

    ntah pa yg sy merepek ni! >.<

  4. Ripsta
    Dec 30, 2008 @ 10:26:23

    no no no.. i definitely not define “her” was my ex girl..
    “her” mean girl.. their @ whoever girl out there.. ahakz..

    *coverline* :P

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