Youth 09 Event Day

Last Saturday, I planned to go to Youth 09 event and managed to wake up at 7am and prepare for the small gathering before the event started but as usual I enjoy my dream and my head refused me to wake me up. Thank to my friend, one of the Youthsays members cum my officemate Pillie call me and woke me up at 8.30 and supposedly the small gathering should be at that time. I rush up to PWTC because he already there and don’t know the place.
Once I get there, I fetched Pillie along with my other officemate Selit (don’t bother to ask why we called him that) and head up to Restaurant Putra as I don’t really know where the exact place as Jordy stated opposite LRT. We lost awhile and found the place round 15 minute after called Jordy the real landmark of the restaurant (Malu bertanya sesat jalan.. hahaha)

Yeah we late, some of the members already there had they breakfast. The regular member that I knew was there is Paulin (craxgrl), Neo (with his friend Aizuddin also the Youthsays members, Stef (Shez cute), Jordy (with his friend Jackson), EK (bring the members of rockstar), Nazeef (copy/paste/delete), TPK, Michelle (Auntum, with her boyfriend), another Michelle and another Michelle, Sari (we meet inside PWTC), dQ and the “GUY”. Sorry for those who their name is not mention here. Wish Annet, Farha and Kunci were there. huk huk
After the ice-breaking recoding by Neo, we start to move to the event near from the restaurant and walk there in a group (I really felt like I’m young again, it been an ages I’m not walking in a group).
At the registration counter, Stef show up her printed pass and it was printed A4 paper and embraced to show up her pass. If I got printer there, I really want to print the “Wanted” wording at her pass (hahhaa, joking dear). Hey, I got the last goodies bag and Paulin “rampas” from me.. Grrr.. Naa, it just a girl thing inside the bag and I gave it to Paulin and asked her to share with Stef.

At the main entrance I saw something nice at the wall, it a graffiti thing and I really recognize the stroke of the design. It my old team of graffiti that did the wall and greeted them there. They artwork now is so damn ******* style. Give it up to Vector101 (Katun and Sopey) and Phobia Klik. Still at the entrance, while I busy chatting with my graffiti friends, they play with the snake and we had picture session.
After entering the building, we managed to get Sari first and there I meet Sari for the first time (Hey, I mad at you because you not bring your son along). We went from another kiosk to another and had a lots snap there. While walking around, my eyes catch something really interested me to go there. It a Wall Climbing thing, I was like so excited to register myself to climb the wall. I planned to compete Pilli and I won.. Yehaaa, I reach and stayed at top at the wall while Pillie still at the middle tried to finish the climb but badly as he mentioned “Tangan aku krem la weiii” hahahaha. Neo recorded while I climbed the wall and his main focus is my “Pinky Bocer” and black mail me to upload it at Youtube. Damn you.

We moved to another building and while going to up stair, my leg “Kejang” and I yelling because couldn’t stand the pain. Rest awhile in the middle of the stair and I continued my journey up stair with pain. Once I reach the flat floor my pain gone and I ran and dance show that my pain is gone.. ahhahaha.. Selesa wehhh.. Jadi cacat kejab kat tangga (malu wooo, ini semua wall climbing punyer pasal)

Sari had a conference there about the photography thing and asked us to “Rayau-Rayau”. Michelle (Auntum) arrived with her boyfriend and joined us. I saw a foosball there and Neo start played with Jordy and I join them. It was a great moment laughing loudly like that place is ours. We walk around the kiosk and window shopping awhile.
Lunch time, after got nothing to do there anymore, we planned to have our lunch at food court inside The Mall complex.  Neo got surprise for us, he early planned a special date with one of the Youthsays members and she show up at the food court and introduce herself also we are. That the moment our group became smaller because some of member split up.
So, the remaining members of the group are me, Jordy, Pillie, Selit, Jackson, Paulin, Stef and the “Guy”. We really got no plan to do and “Lepak” inside PWTC again (at back Youth 09 registration) since Jordy said he want to claim his t-shirt and goodies bag for us. We had chatting, snap pictures and playing with that flying air thing (I don’t know how to describe that thing) while waiting for the Jordy stuff.

We really bored there and I planned to watch movie but since Jordy felt not comfortable with “The Guy”, we has a little secret chat before we mentioned we going back home to get rid of “The Guy”. You are so evil Jordy. Hahaha.. We pretend split up at my parking area and meet again at Jordy parking place. So, we headed to Time Square.
We park at Pudu because Jordy to buy bus ticket at Pudu Raya to Perak for Chinese New Year and we wait him while had a “Yam Cha” at Pudu before we go watching movie. The movie started at 8.20pm but we bought the ticket at 8.30pm. We agreed to watch “Bed Time Stody” not “Bad Time Stody” hahha and rushed up to the hall. It really hilarious movie and we laughing the whole time movie played.

No “Yam Cha” after movie and we go to our parking and split up for the last time. I sent Paulin to KL Sentral and Jordy send Stef back.

It was a really great day. What I want is Chinese friends and I was shock they can accept me as they friend and treat me good. Thank so much(s) friend, I really had a great day with you all. Hope we will be friends forever. Youthsays is the right track for me to get great friends like them. It really showed us and being the truth Malaysian. I can share my tough with them, culture, the way I communicate, life, love maybe, and everything with them. They are so open and accept me as they closed friends. Love you all.

Perhaps, we can have a regular meet up if I’m not in busy mode. Hahahhaa.. There something disappoints me a lot is, we as the loyal Youthsays members being ignored by the creator of the community. We really make it happen and did the hard works to advertise and promoted the event but we just like ordinary people who entering the event for free without anything special for the Youthsays community. There is no at least kiosk or booth for the Youthsays. If you read this and really concern about Youth (whether Youthsays members or youngster), please show something appreciation to them who make it happen (at least).

Last but not least, I will upload all pictures as soon as I collect all of it from Stef, Jordy, Neo and Nazeef.

P/S: Thank to Jordy who volunteer to organize the small group gathering represent as Youthsays members.  Hope I describe well about the great day of us here. Much(s) appreciate guy who really make it happen.


13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. farha
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 13:14:34

    u mentioned my name even i wasn’t there :)

    much apology from the bottom of my heart because i couldn’t make it to the gathering

    plan the picnic n i’ll try my best to spare time with u guys

  2. Ripsta
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 13:26:53

    wah, u baca all this crap ke..
    i write this kul 5 pagi tadi.. hahaha..
    then sampai opis trus post..

    of coz la i mention ur name plus the rest yang closed to me tapi takde ditempat kejadian..
    kalau ada sure havoc gile..

    sure do.. i tried to plan with stef nanti.. since die sungguh2 nak buat..

    i will manage it well bout the time, place and price.. okie.. no worries..

  3. Autumn
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 17:35:55

    aduh! banyaknya rancangan kau pada hari itu. by the way, whats your full name again. i was too busy to link la.. i even forgot to link stephanie. never mind never mind. i will link you immediately after you let me know your full name. tell me at my chatbox. by the way… all the pictures are in fb.. i did not take a lot of pictures. that those are all i have.

  4. farha
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 18:26:40

    harus la baca kan….

    key pun ada plan nak buat picnic
    buat skali la

  5. Ripsta
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 20:57:06

    Auntum: just link me as “Ripsta” .. okie?

    Farha: really.. tatau pun.. i will contact for further info.. thank neway..

  6. stef
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 21:17:52

    ey ey… pa ni…

    not only me with that a4 size pass ya knw..
    jordy and his housemate also mah…ish!

    well kaki cramp pun nasib baik dpt gk pi lepak2 around…jordy gik teruk..dah tak larat sgt dah tu jalan….old man..hehe

    last time kuar with him also dia cam tu gak…

    btw, had a blast with ya guys….
    i like it when all of us could come together too for the gathering no matter what races we are….

    i feel ‘alive’ with ya guys since im always alone here ..
    i mean youthsays members means a lot to me …

    hope we can plan something big soon!!!!! :)

  7. Ripsta
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 21:24:45

    owh really.. didnt catch that..
    hahaha.. tot u the only 1 print A4 size.. hahaha

    yeah, thank to u coz accept me as ur friend and lepaking wit me all day.. :P

    im so appy having all of u.. credit to Youthsays..

    yurp, im planning something big from that day.. just wait okay..

  8. stef
    Jan 13, 2009 @ 21:20:57

    no prob lah…other than lepaking with ya guys..i got nothing to do…i need a life! :p

    what’s that big thing u’re planning??? curious!!~!

    let us know soon! :)

  9. Jordy
    Jan 14, 2009 @ 04:44:18

    finally found the time 2 read ur blog.. hahaha.. thx wei 4 making such a long post abt that day.. wat i loved most was the ending part.. too bad u didnt elaborate a lot (coz i think u dun really noe wat’s going on).. =P

    feel free 2 join our gatherings as much as possible, n u can organize some gatherings 2.. i will take the time 2 think abt ur trip 2 hanoi.. atm, its a little expensive 4 me 2 think abt it, but if u can really get a rate of 150-200, then i’m on! hahaha.. i’m sure paulin will be the 1st 2 jump with joy, n since vietnam is the next place i’m targeting.. =D

    will notify all of u if there’s any plans 2 meet up, so u guys better stay alert in our group ok? for further meetups, i will be posting in the fb group as i wont be in ys nemore.. now i feel so relaxed as i dun hav 2 think so much abt ys nemore.. hahaha.. lets juz see if they do as promised 2 start the surveys after youth 09.. cian all the other guinea pigs.. hahahakzz..

    will check ur blog back in time tho.. in the mean time, keep updating.. when i finish my paper, i’ll be back! stay cool, stay young, n dun think of the “guy” so much.. hahaha.. ciaozz..

  10. Ripsta
    Jan 14, 2009 @ 12:27:30

    stef: will do will do.. thank coz keep updating my blog.. :D

    jordy: u la become 1 of the “guy”.. ahhaha.. thank for updating my blog.. i wont describe the “thing” perfectly here.. u know why la kan.. :P

    well, will keep update for such info.. help me then.. owh ya, bout the new community.. will tell u at next meet up.. okie

  11. Kunci
    Jan 15, 2009 @ 02:51:34

    wish i was there too. i really wanna meet u guys.
    since im already at utp, i will meet nazeef later on.

    where r u guys planning for picnic?im thinking lata kinjang!

    it’s in the middle (of Perak and KL lalalala~)!!~~

  12. dq
    Jan 15, 2009 @ 11:00:23

    i did lost inside the second hall n cant find u guys..
    n the organiser did find me thou..

    kalau ku tau tpk cabut ngan korang mmg da ku cabut awal²..
    ade terserempak ngan jordy n he did tell me dat u guys went to klcc..
    terkilan gak rase terpisah gitu je ngan korang..

    got plans to hanoi..?
    ade dengar gak mase kat mamak tue cume x jelas..
    tell me bout it..
    n we’ll see bout it..

    hehe.. ade komplot² gak dlm group…
    sape gak la the ‘guy’ yg korang sebut tue eh..

  13. copy/paste
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 14:04:17

    u left ‘the guy’??..
    wonder who he is actually~..

    im sending the pix to ure y! acct.

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