Protrude Remedy

Once upon a time, there was a boy in an ancient time live happily ever after. Finish. Hahahah.. I don’t know how to initiate yarn and what to fish story as a so-called narrator I am. What Ever!! (gotcha, hahah)

Again, I lost track since last post of blabberness idea came out of nowhere. Hereof, without any hesitate I make another fable. Naa, I will write something I experience since New Year. Nothing to breathe a syllable about. Hope you all read exuberantly.

For now, thank God my tons of job finished flawless. I squeeze my brain for this one projects who the client so fussy and racked my head. Now I can relax till my next projects assign. You can review my project at

I’m really in love with my life now, virtually divine. I don’t know how to define how great it is compare to previously. I planned my time smoothly, I controlled my wages well (I admit I’m a shopaholic and I can’t help myself to wasted “a bit” hehhe) and almost everything I managed my commitment to excellent. Big applause for me. Hau yehhhhhhhh!!

Thereof, I still have no time to hunt love which is someone special for me. Stalkers-of-Ripsta, you really like when I start talk about love isn’t it? For a zillion time I told you, it not that im not seek one, I did and I do. Still I can’t find that suitable with me. I’m not choosy okay. I just want someone who can live with me for next 50 years and more. A steady relationship, which really can go with my flow and of coz I look for close to my dream girl.

Enough, I got one. She is all-in-one type of my dream girl. She got brain, look and plus many more. Spoilt girl, pride dignity, explicit, respect each other’s, tolerate, open minded, hard to get (this is the best) and I can’t describe how perfect she was. I know every men wish they girl was like this. Up till now, I still try to attach her heart since her so stubborn to accept me. I tried plenty of method and trick to get her and accustom her life environment. We had a bad fight early new year and luckily she not reaches critical temper point. Hahha.. For side info, she in Sabah right now.

Henceforth, I pledge to make my life perfectly as close as I can. I want to complete my album (review my demo at and I want to re-setup my own business (Studios.MY). Exercise every Sunday doing in-line skate. A marriage for sure. I want baby, envied with few of my friends around my age getting baby soon or sooner. Marry me? Anybody? (Sound desperate isn’t? hahaha)

Last but not least, for upcoming Valentine day (im not going to celebrate it “hey, im single”). I plan something at the night out. What do you thing about bachelor night?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. stef
    Feb 12, 2009 @ 19:57:47

    amboi…deep sungguh bahasa mu!!! :p
    with the help of lingoes??? *winks*
    nice post though

    well at least u’re on the ‘hunt’ lah..
    who knows with ur persistence, she might open up to u?? :)
    dont give up ^^

    p/s: ey, what happened to our plan to genting with paulin this weekend?????? >.>

  2. Autumn
    Feb 12, 2009 @ 22:32:46

    whattt!!! the doctor just told me it is good for my weak stomach. it is better than other drinks like this. laugh what wohh.. nothing to laugh also

  3. Ripsta
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 10:00:23

    autumn: just joke la dear.. how ur health today?

    stef: no la stef, i used to post something like this before at my old blog.. but, some hard to understand.. i used lingoes just for my documentation and it really help me out.. wee.. thank 2 u.. hehehe

    it seem like imma love hunter huh.. so pathetic.. wish she alert with my “persistence” hahaha

    p/s: im fully book this whole month lor.. im free next month.. can we arrange properly.. haisk

  4. stef
    Feb 14, 2009 @ 12:38:34

    aish..merajuk la ni si paulin later..
    zoo dah la tak dpt the genting trip plak tak jd..

    well ko busy kan…

    hehe..yeah, lingoes is really helpful indeed..
    she’ll realizes it soon lah..jia you! :)

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