5 Ways To Import and Promote Your Blog On Facebook

With the Facebook public timeline functioning more like Twitter everyday, it’s a great way to get your blog noticed. I’m sure most of you probably already know about importing “stories” directly into your Facebook wall via the wall settings. If you’re looking for more options and ways to display your blog, here are five methods that might help. There are, of course, more ways to import your blog into Facebook but, these are the methods I found to be most reliable and actually do work.

Create A Page

Creating a page for your blog is a great way to showcase and gain readers and fans. There are a lot of customization options and you can even add compatible applications to your pages. To get started you will need to click here to create a new page. After you get your page the way you like it, you can start sharing it with your friends and inviting them to become fans. One thing about Facebook pages is that it will not show you as an admin of the page; you will be listed as a fan of the page along with everyone else.

The first application you may want to add is some type of RSS feed importing application but, in my opinion, it’s better to import your posts through the Notes application. Importing your blog posts through notes (which I’ll explain in more detail below) will display published blog posts on the page wall as opposed to the boxes tab or some other small area of the page.


This is a great application found here, that works on both personal profiles and Facebook pages. If you add it to one of your pages, it can be added as a separate tab that will then display snippets of your latest blog posts. You can also allow the NetworkedBlogs application to update your personal or page status (depending on which you add it to) everyone time a new post is published. This application is kind of like creating a page for your blog but does different in a few ways. For starters, with NetworkedBlogs you will be shown as the author of the blog. Once you have your NetworkedBlog page setup, you can then invite people to follow your blog in which they’ll be able to rate your blog and leave comments.

Import Notes

Notes is an application that allows you to create notes, which are almost like blog posts, for your friends to see. Every time you post a new note it shows in the public timeline for all to see but, many do not know that you can import a blog into your Facebook notes. From the Notes application you will see an option in the right hand column under “Notes Settings” to import a blog. Setting it up is pretty easy, you’ll just need to enter either your blog or RSS feed URL. After going over the preview of an imported blog post and confirming the import you’ll be all set. Facebook will then check your blog every couple hours for new posts. As I mentioned above, this is also great to set up with your Facebook page.

Blog Box

This application is nice because once added, you can add a blog box tab to your profile, making it more easy accessible to those who visit your page. The Blog Box application can be found here. Once again you will need to import your blog into the application after which it will check every 6 hours for new posts. There are not many customization options for Blog Box. The great thing about Blog Box is that it allows you to edit your posts right from within Facebook. Doing this allows you to edit your title, text and tags plus you can even add your mood, what music you’re listening too, and a location.

Simparis Blogcast

Last but not least you can import your blog with the Simparis Blogcast application. Once again you’ll need your RSS feed and then you can choose to have Simplaris handle the updating, manually update yourself or setup your blog to ping Simparis. This application can be added to your info tab, profile column or box tab. Whenever a blogcast is posted it will show under your recent activity section on your wall as well as in the box on your profile if you are using it. There are a few option such as changing the update mode, showing pictures and links versus plain text and even specifying the post length. You can also choose how many post to show on the profile box.

How do you import and promote your blog on Facebook?

Do you use one these methods or is there another way you like better?

Feel free to share.

Written by Charnita Fance from Social Web Tools

Post from: SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources

5 Ways To Import and Promote Your Blog On Facebook


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  1. Zara
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 12:33:25

    owh..aku memang setup import blog aku masuk ke FB.

    dulu aku import blog BI..

    tapi sejak2 nih..aku import blog BM pulak~


  2. copy/paste
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 22:34:55

    nanti ku cuba..
    skarang pakai ‘notes’ jer kat fb…

  3. ur SWEETheart
    Apr 28, 2009 @ 10:52:29

    no comment..coz sy x ader blog arr…ish2.Baca blog org lain ada laaa…

  4. Mulow Zuzer
    Jul 09, 2009 @ 12:57:05

    Just drop by.. :D

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    Mar 11, 2010 @ 13:14:47

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  6. jutawanjenal
    Mar 20, 2010 @ 05:18:10

    sy bru try semua tips 2. sgt bmnfaat. hrap2 dpt increase traffic blog sy. sy bg 5star utk post because i’m very glad to get this. thanks a lot admin. please visit my blog.

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